Happy Birthday to Me

Springtime is here!! In Georgia, the sun is shining, the temperatures are in the 70s, and tourist season has begun. We didn’t expect yellow pollen on every outside surface, wreaking havoc with allergies, flying bugs the size of Mars, and tiny, tiny bugs called no-see-ums. We cannot open our screen door and windows because they … More Happy Birthday to Me

Picture Perfect

Since we got to the Savannah area, I have been on a mission: to take a picture of the large oak trees with Spanish moss lining a road. One would think this would be easy as so many brochures and pictures on-line show that view, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s because … More Picture Perfect

A favorite spot

Brad and I have a Super Bowl tradition. If we are home for the game, it’s game night. It got started a long time ago when we bought our first house, had a few friends over, and somehow ended up playing Monopoly. Since then, if we are home, we get out all the board games … More A favorite spot

Something old…

The world of full-time RVers (meaning you live in the RV all year around) may seem large, but it’s actually quite small. Once on the road, we found that we see some of the same RVers at varies campgrounds or passing through the same area. Some websites allow you to “check in” to a campground … More Something old…

Merry Christmas

Brad and I decided two things this week. One, we do not like the snow and two, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow. Contradicts itself, right? Let me explain. We grew up in the Midwest where it is cold and snowy in the winter. Nine out of ten times, there is going to be … More Merry Christmas