Year Two

    Two years living on the road on July 30th. Two years since we took a chance, sold everything, packed up a 5th wheel, and took off exploring this beautiful country. It’s amazing all that we have done in the last two years and crazy how fast the time has gone by. When I … More Year Two


With mid-summer coming up, we had a list of hikes we wanted to get in (we didn’t even get to them all!) and we had a visitor mid-June. My younger sister had never been to Utah before and decided to come down for the weekend to visit us and see the area. We took her … More Summer

Our Hiatus

  Where we were staying in Utah County has an ordinance that an RV cannot be at a campground for longer than 120 days (excluding the winter months). At the 120-day mark, you must leave for 10 nights and then you can return. In June, our 120 days was up.     We knew this … More Our Hiatus


Well, I have been the biggest slacker and I apologize for that. No blog post since April. Yikes!! Hopefully you all follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because I have been posting consistently there. The lack of blog posts is not because we haven’t been busy exploring. We certainly have! One of the reasons … More Slacker 

The Utah Life

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy last couple of weeks as we left Arizona at the end of February to start heading our way to Utah. We stopped at St. George, Utah for a little over a week to explore the area and see friends. Here is what we did. Bryce National Park: We debated … More The Utah Life

Catching Up

It is mid-October in Arizona and we thought it would be much cooler, but it’s still in the mid- 90s. That’s better than 110 but it’s still hot. Even at 9:00 in the morning, it’s hot. On the positive note, the hottest part of the day is shorter—only a couple hours instead of all day … More Catching Up

Red Rock Country

Yikes! It’s been awhile since I made a post so I apologize. It was mid-August and another 110 degree day in the desert so we headed up to Sedona for the day. A little over 2 hours the drive was the same as driving to Flagstaff . . . until we got to the famous … More Red Rock Country