A favorite spot

Brad and I have a Super Bowl tradition. If we are home for the game, it’s game night. It got started a long time ago when we bought our first house, had a few friends over, and somehow ended up playing Monopoly. Since then, if we are home, we get out all the board games and play, even if it’s just the two of us. Since I’m not a big football fan (sorry!), this makes the Super Bowl game more enjoyable. Brad won at Sorry and Rummikub while I won at Tenzi. I also said that the Broncos were going to win.

Ships of the Sea Museum

Before the game that Sunday night, we went to Savannah to check out some of the museums. The Georgia Historical Society had a Super Museum Sunday, meaning that all museums were free and open to the public for the afternoon. It was a great way to experience a bunch of the museums that we normally wouldn’t go see. Since it’s winter, we opted not to go to the botanical gardens (for obvious reasons) and instead went to the Railroad Museum, SCAD Museum of Art, Ships of the Sea Museum, and Telfair Academy of the Arts and Sciences, all in about three hours’ time. Brad’s favorite was the Ships of the Sea where model ships were on display along with maritime antiques and paintings. The detail of the model ships was unbelievable and I kept thinking one must have a lot of patience to build a model ship. My favorite was the Railroad Museum. One end of the railroad system was at this station so we got to see a railroad turntable and walk through two old railroad cars. The biggest disappointment was the SCAD Museum of Art. It is being completely remodeled so only a few displays were set up. It was a bit surprising to walk into the museum and see it pretty bare.

Hunting Island State Park

Later that week we drove out to Hunting Island State Park, which is one of our favorite spots so far! About thirty minutes from Beaufort, SC, the whole island is a state park.. What did we like about it? The historical lighthouse, the many walking trails, the lagoon, the beach, and the trees standing in the sand. Yes, you read that correctly. Trees standing in the sand. The best part was walking on the beach and seeing all the driftwood, fallen trees, and dead trees in the sand. We had never seen anything like it and it was amazing to see! We heard that Hurricane Hugo had uprooted thousands of trees, leaving the beach the way it is seen today. This place is a photographer’s dream! I took lots of photo but need to return on a day that isn’t so windy and cold (we had hand warmers in our pockets!) Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!


Brad exploring

The past week was a lot of fun and we look forward to exploring more!

Till then!

6 thoughts on “A favorite spot

  1. Your blog is such an enjoyable read!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures
    And all the amazing pictures! You and
    Brad are so blessed beening able to
    Have this experience!
    Your tradition for Super Bowl is cute and
    fun. We use to have parties for that but now
    Enjoy our tradition of pizza , popcorn and my
    Favorite Ice Cream, yum! The most important
    Part of this tradition and all tradition is that we get to be with the ones we Love! ❤️❤️😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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