Botany Bay Plantation

Sorry for being slow with blog updates as I have been really busy with my photography Etsy shop and we have been working on stuff around the 5th wheel the last few weeks. We have new curtains hung, most of the decorating done (just need to find an area rug and reupholster the kitchen chairs) and 5th wheel maintenance (slide cleaning, bring the slides in . . . you get the picture.)


Visiting with my friend and her family

Not only have we been busy with photography and 5th wheel activities, but we have been busy seeing family and friends. After ten years, we saw a grade school friend of mine who lives in Atlanta. She came down to Savannah for the weekend with her family. We also went with Brad’s aunt and uncle to Smiles Dueling Piano Bar in Savannah one weekend night. If you have never been to a dueling piano bar, you must go! They are fun, entertaining, and interactive. The two pianist go back and forth picking songs from the audience and at times, have the crowd join in with the singing. No worries if you are not a good singer. Most people in the audience weren’t.

Smiles Dueling Piano Bar
Piano bar

Earlier in February, we went to Hunting Island State Park and feel in love with their “bone yard” beach. I am now obsessed with photographing those type of beaches so one afternoon Brad and I went to a popular bone yard beach on Edisto Island in South Carolina called Botany Bay Plantation.

The drive within Botany Bay

It was a two-hour drive from where we are and since the plantation is run by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), admission was free. We checked in and got a map of the plantation. The car tour of the plantation tells of its history growing cotton and the use of the house for the Civil War. The ruins of many buildings are seen throughout the tour. In 2008, the plantation was opened up to the public for all to enjoy. Note: the road within the plantation is a dirt road that makes the ride kind of bumpy.

The bone yard beach

Within the plantation is the bone yard beach. Erosion to the beach caused the bone yard of dead trees along the shore, making for a unique coastline. It’s hard to describe how beautiful such a beach is, but I don’t think it’s anything we will ever get tired of seeing. It’s such a one of a kind experience and this being the second one we have seen, we can see how different and individualized each bone yard beach is. One interesting observation on this beach was the loud crushing noise we made as we walked over piles of crushed seashells.


It was a hot day and we enjoyed walking along the beach as I took lots of pictures. I am very grateful to have Brad not only help carry my supplies but also be so patient with me as I click away with my camera.

How Brad keeps busy as I take pictures. 🙂

After an hour, high tide was approaching so we were able to see trees that an hour later were completely surrounded by water. If you are into photography, this is a must, just like Hunting Island State Park. Everywhere you look, you see a great spot to capture the beauty of the beach.


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It’s getting warm down here in the South. We have been using our air on and off the last couple weeks.

We look We look forward to sharing our next exploring adventures next week!

Till then!




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