Happy Birthday to Me

Springtime is here!! In Georgia, the sun is shining, the temperatures are in the 70s, and tourist season has begun. We didn’t expect yellow pollen on every outside surface, wreaking havoc with allergies, flying bugs the size of Mars, and tiny, tiny bugs called no-see-ums. We cannot open our screen door and windows because they fly right through the spaces. See, it isn’t all sunshine and warmth in the South.

Crape myrtle trees at the gardens. Love the way the bark looks!

It was my birthday this past week and I was lucky to have dinner with family the night before, spend the day walking on the beach with family and friends, and enjoy a relaxing evening with Brad watching The Martian movie (I would recommend the movie. I couldn’t get into the book, but Brad seemed to enjoy it). Since he worked late on my birthday, we decided to go out and do something on his next day off.

First time seeing how cotton  is grown

Midweek, we ended up at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historical Bamboo Farm in Savannah. It was a great time to go as it wasn’t busy and there was ample parking. (We own a huge dually truck and are always very tuned in to parking lots). The gardens are relatively new having officially opened in 2012. Currently, there are thirty-three sites to see. In progress are future sites such as a children’s garden, an artist garden, and in three to five years, the bamboo maze will be filled in enough to experience.

Brad working hard in the strawberry field

Strawberry picking started the week before and they were just about picked out for the day. The cashier told us to go to the very back of the field and we might find some. And we did! Not a ton of strawberries but enough to make a few protein shakes and since it was Brad’s first time strawberry picking, he got to see what it was like. Go strawberry picking and you will understand why the prices at the stores are high. The plants are low to the ground and some strawberries like to hide in the bushes. It’s a lot of work, but fresh strawberries are so good and sweet, they taste just like candy!

Lord Holly Tree

We spent almost three hours walking around the gardens and enjoyed seeing the crape myrtle trees, the many different varieties of bamboo, the orchid house (which is so warm and cozy, I can see why orchids are so happy there), and the National Campion Lord’s Holly Tree which is eighty-two years old. The most interesting fact we learned was when we walked through the tea garden. All tea, whether it’s green, white, or black, comes from the same plant species! The different tastes and appearances are due to altitude, climate, which part of the plant is being used, and the processing. Isn’t that crazy?!

Tea Garden

We have a couple fun trips planned for the next two weeks and look forward to sharing it with y’all! Till then!

Water garden


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Jen, I really enjoyed this one Lots, you were so funny,😜.
    Very interesting about the Tea, you sure have learned a lot along the way!
    I Hate Bugs that fly threw the screens😬
    Do you remember in Orland the tiny green ones
    We had? They were All over???!!!
    As always your blogs are very interesting!!
    Love you m❤️❤️😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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