Something old…

The world of full-time RVers (meaning you live in the RV all year around) may seem large, but it’s actually quite small. Once on the road, we found that we see some of the same RVers at varies campgrounds or passing through the same area. Some websites allow you to “check in” to a campground and see who else is there. That’s what we experienced a few weeks back. Brad and I met a nice RV couple, Caitlin and Tom, back in November and we found out that they were going to be in the Savannah area.

Crystal Beer Parlor

We met up for dinner at the second oldest restaurant in Savannah, the Crystal Beer Parlor. This restaurant is known for its good food and large beer selection. The wait was forty-five minutes and it was worth it! Inside, the walls are covered with framed photos of common citizens and historic Savannah. The restaurant itself is small and cozy and the atmosphere lively. We all enjoyed our meal and I was impressed that they make their own homemade veggie burger, which was delicious! We would defiantly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Savannah.

Caitlin and Tom have a blog at They posted a video of their trip to Savannah and at the very end, you will see Brad and me. We forgot to take a picture of the four of us so this video is taking its place:


Skidaway Island State Park

During the week, by the time Brad gets off work and we have dinner, it’s too late to go sightseeing and lately, it’s been quite chilly at night. We want to make sure we see all there is to see in this area so we decided on his weekday off, we are going to go exploring. I think we have done a good job of exploring so far but it’s good to have a set day of the week. Otherwise, the time gets away too easily. This week we checked out Skidaway Island State Park.

Walking along the trail at Skidaway

Skidaway is right outside of Savannah and is part of George’s intercostal waterway. In addition to walking trails, this park offers camping, water activities, and a nature center. We opted to just go on a walking trail and not venture into the unknown water where alligators might try to be our friends. Walking along the trail, the forest is narrow. Large oak trees are covered in Spanish moss. Palmetto palm trees, and shrubs cover the ground. We came across many salt marshes and it was interesting to see some salt marshes wet and some dried, making the marsh look like dried, cracked mud.

Mud bath, anyone?

We did see something at Skidaway that we haven’t seen in ages. We are not sure when the last one was seen by a human as they are so rare nowadays. They used to be seen everywhere such as busy street corners and public places. This generation of kids will most likely not see one of these in the wild and will only know about them though stories told by their parents and pictures. Can you guess what it is?

A payphone!!

An interesting fact about the plants out this way is that the weather in this area is very harsh for plant life as they are exposed to high winds, salt spray, and sandy soil. The plants have adapted (how cool is Mother Nature!) to that harsh environment and many of the plants have a waxy coating to protect them against the salt spray. These forests are mostly untouched and closely resemble what the land looked like hundreds of years ago.

Skidaway Island State Park

Brad and I make sure we donate blood throughout the year and our average is four times a year. We made a goal this year to donate five times. One can donate every eight weeks so it’s possible to donate up to six times in a year. I donated blood once in nursing school and Brad once at his first job out of college. We became regular blood donors after the school district I was working for sponsored a blood drive. We have been donating since 2006 and estimate that together, we have donated thirty-seven pints of blood combined.

Having a snack after donating

Blood donating is something I really believe in. It’s a quick and easy way to help others as it takes about an hour of your time. Each blood donation can save up to three lives and every day more than 41,000 blood donations are needed. Donating blood is even good for your health as regularly donating can lower your chance of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Less than 10 percent of the population donates ,so if you can, go donate today!

I’m going to end the post on that positive note and will bring you more fun adventures next week.

Till then!

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