Blogs That We Love… many different authors help give a bundle of information from RV tips to product review to travel. a fun, young, cat loving couple that was RV’ing for  5 years and decided to try the boating life. No worries as they are still a wealth of information about the RV life. They talk about traveling, making money on the road, and RV’ing. Lots of helpful videos! 5 years on the road with countless tips and reviews from this couple. They started a sister site called where fellow RV’ers can chat, share advice, and exchange stories. Caitlin and Tom are a young, fun, and adventurous enterprenurial couple that hit the road a year ago. We met them in North Carolina when we were on the road for 6 months and they just got started. Their videos are great and they post great tips and share their awesome adventures. this young couple is living in a Sprinter van touring Europe. They were in the U.S exploring in a van and decided to take their travelings abroad. They have videos about their adventures along with traveling tips. They have even been in the press about their trip. Pretty cool! A great resource to find an RV park. They show not only the big campgrounds in the area but also the little ones. Julie and Marc are a sweet and adventurous couple that we met while in North Carolina. It wasn’t until we met that Brad and I realized that they are popular in the RV world! They have great videos and so much information to share. Julie wrote a great article about Thousand Trail memberships also.

RVVillage: Stay connected with other RVers as you can check in at a campground and see who else is there. You can connect with other RV friends and while staying at a campground, someone might post a get together or an adventure to join. Doug and Kristin are the couple that got us thinking about our adventure. They toured the world on their bikes for two years and have done and seen so much. They are always posting about some great new adventure they are going on and are a great couple to follow!



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