Living a Wildlife

The week before Christmas we experienced something new—hot and humid weather in December. The temperatures have been in the 70s with a humidity ranging from 80-100 per cent. The air is on, blinds are closed to block out the sun, and the dehumidifier is going full strength. We were told by our campground neighbors that … More Living a Wildlife

Change of Plans

  Life is full of surprises. We are living life, going down a path and then bam, game change! That’s what happened to us this week. Brad’s in-home sales job was going fine, but it wasn’t progressing like we planned. He decided to look online to see if any local Lexus dealerships were looking for … More Change of Plans

Give Thanks

We are on the road again! Staying in South Carolina, we traveled south for our shortest drive yet, 2 hours. We pulled into the campground and it was muddy, wet, and full of potholes. This campground got hit hard with all the rain and the effects were still seen. Luckily, it will be sunny and … More Give Thanks

The Swampy South

It was a nice and sunny day for a drive and we were off to the other Carolina! Since our drives are shorter and we are having longer turn around times in between drives, we put listening to books on tape on hold. We are having a hard time finding shorter books (like 2-4 hours … More The Swampy South