Travel Route

When we first started planning our trip in 2015, I had so many ideas of where I wanted us to go that I started to organize the places through Pinterest and good old paper and pencil. I had bought the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz for Brad years ago for Christmas so I got it off the bookshelf and used that as a reference point.

To see a complete list of all the places we have visited, go to the Places Visited and then Been There, Done That.



2015 Travel Route:

Starting from Washington State, we went to the Midwest for our multiple family obligations in Illinois and Michigan and then traveled east for the fall colors and to go to Acadia National Park in Maine. After that, we went to Savannah, Georgia for the winter.


2016 Travel Route:

We started off in Savannah, Georgia and traveled down to the gulf side of Florida. Crossing through Alabama and Louisiana, we stayed in Houston and then San Antonio. Took a detour to Las Cruces, New Mexico to see White Sands National Monument and then headed to Mesa, Arizona.


2017 Travel Route:

Starting from Mesa, Arizona, we traveled to St. Georgia, Utah and then over to Provo, Utah. After Provo, we went to Moab and Monument Valley, both in Utah. From there, we headed back to Mesa, Arizona for the winter.

2018 travel route:

2019 travel route:

Starting in Mesa, AZ, we left there in May to workcamp at Grand Teton National Park. After Grand Teton, we headed West to California, stopping in Elko and Reno. We are here in Northern Cali for a bit.

These maps are a rough estimate of our route and does not include every stop or destination.

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