Travel Route

I had so many ideas of where I wanted us to go that I started to organize the places through Pinterest and good old paper and pencil. I had bought the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz for Brad years ago for Christmas so I got it off the bookshelf and used that as a reference point.

As we sat down to look at the list we quickly realized that:

* we wouldn’t be able to see all places in a year

* we wouldn’t be able to visit all 50 states in a year

* planning more then a few months at a time was going to be overwhelming. Who knew that planning a year semi-vacation could get overwhelming?! Yeah, we were surprised at that too.

We decided to plan our traveling two months at a time. Starting from Washington we will go to the Midwest for our multiple family obligations and then travel east for the fall colors. After that, we plan on going south for the winter and then make our way back up to Washington for the summer.

We want to visit every state while in our RV so in order to cross the state off our list, here are the rules:

1. We have to stay at a campground in the state OR
2. We have to do some sort of activity in the state

Planned route:

This route does not include every stop or destination and is subject to multiple changes.


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