Dodge Ram. One ton. Dually. Diesel. Long bed.

Yep, it’s a big truck. It can handle pretty much any RV on the market (can tow over 20,000 pounds) and tows well in the mountains. There are a few main features that we liked best:

1. The dually increases stability when towing and has improved braking performance. If you are not sure what a dually is, it is when there are four tires in the back of the truck vs two. I didn’t know either until we starting looking. 🙂

2. A diesel has more towing power, more torque (more humph when you first start to move) and more miles per gallon.

3. This truck has a high towing capacity. We didn’t know if in 5 years we would want something bigger and this truck can handle a much bigger 5th wheel.



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