Inside our 5th wheel

I love our 5th wheel! The layout is perfect for Brad and I and it feels so homey inside. The inside is all updated and it doesn’t even feel like we are in an RV. We get so many questions about what the inside of our 5th wheel looks like so I decided to post some pictures.

We have 3 slides in our 5th wheel. Meaning, we have three areas that move out when we are in a campground as this makes the space bigger. When we get ready to leave and get on the road, we put the slides in, otherwise they would take over the road. The first set of pictures are what the 5th wheel looks like with the slides in and the second set is what it looks like with the slides out.

The slides in:

The view from the front door. Standing outside looking in.
Standing in the little bit of a “hallway” by the front door.
Squishy. The width with the slides in is the same width as our truck
Don’t mind the messy bed making. 🙂


Now, this is what the 5th wheel looks like once the slides are out and all the decor is out. This is so much more room!

The kitchen/family room
Other side of the family room
The kitchen
The bedroom


Yes, we do have a bathroom
Kitchen table/couch slide
The top one is the bedroom slide and the other is the kitchen slide with the fridge/stove/pantry/TV