Getting into the Christmas Spirit


After a day of looking for a new campground we have found one and we are officially moved in! The campground is by Savannah, is really nice, and we are loving it! The sites are large and open and the owner is super friendly. Several neighbors have come and introduced themselves and told us if we need anything to let them know. We have a neighbor that is good with electrical stuff, another is good at building things, and another one is good with general RV’s questions . . . all very friendly. it’s so nice to be around individuals with such skills! Especially when we are still new to the RV life and not handy people.


We have been taking it easy and getting into a routine of up early and Brad working. It’s so great that we live closer to the Lexus dealership as Brad does not have to spend an hour in the car each way. On Brad’s first day off, we went to check out historic Savannah. I had been to the mall and other shops around Savannah but not to the actual downtown area, which includes River Street with its cobblestone walkway along the Savannah River and small quaint shops and restaurants. Large oak trees with hanging Spanish moss are seen throughout the town and there are many small, square parks to walk through. Remember in Forest Gump when Tom Hanks was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus? That scene was filmed at the Chippewa Square Park in Savannah. The park bench that Hanks sat on was donated to the Savannah History Museum since then. It’s still a popular place to visit.


IMG_5558On Saturday, Brad and I did something that we hadn’t done in a while—got dressed up and went to a Christmas party. Lexus was having their big thank you Christmas party and it was a hit! About 300 people from multiple dealerships in the area attended the large buffet dinner. Included were yummy desserts, a band, photo booth, two carton drawers, employee awards, and many prizes to give away. Neither of us had ever been to a Christmas party like that. We were in awe at the generously of the owners and how they kept saying thank you to all the employees. It’s so nice to appreciate and it’s wonderful that they have a large party for the employees.

Our cute and short tree

Since we were officially in the Christmas spirit due to the party the night before, we decided to start decorating our house. Since we have been together, we have only gotten real Christmas trees. In Washington we even got a permit to go into the mountains to chop down our own tree, which was pretty cool. We knew in South Carolina we wouldn’t have many options and we even talked about getting a palm tree to decorate. We found a small garden center that sold table top trees and that is what we decided on. Brad hung some lights outside and we were done in less than thirty minutes, lol! I guess that is what happens when the tree is shorter than we are.
For the fun out it, here are some things we have learned from living in South Carolina:

  • Everything is thirty minutes away—Target, the grocery store, Whole Foods. Add another fifteen to get to the beach.
  • The roads around Savannah are confusing! I can drive to Brad’s work, the library, and back home again without the GPS but that’s it. Every time I think I know how to get to the store, I get lost. Thank goodness for Google maps!
  • Mosquito bites can happen, even in December.
  • The bugs really ARE bigger in the South.
  • Frisbee golf is very popular and can be played at most parks.
  • Southerners really do like their sweet tea.
  • When a sign says beware of alligators and don’t feed the alligators, they are not kidding.
  •  Per Brad, there is awesome “fresh out of the boat” shrimp here.
  • Wild hogs roam much of South Carolina.
  • The US does have poisonous snakes. And if you smell something in the air like sour watermelon, get out fast because that’s what rattlesnakes smell like.

That’s it everyone. We will see what next week brings!
Till then!


6 thoughts on “Getting into the Christmas Spirit

  1. Does the Grand Design Reflection, 337RLS have a washer and dryer option and do you have a washer and dryer? Most full time RVers would want a washer and dryer.

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    1. Yes, there is a washer/dryer option. We chose not to get a w/d due to the added weight and the machines not being able to handle big laundry loads. It can take 2-3 hours to wash and dry one load. Most campgrounds have laundry facilities and it takes less then 2 hours to get laundry done. There are actually some campgrounds that will not let you use a w/d due to the amount of water, sewage, and electricity that is used. It’s really all personal preference and what works best for you. Right now we are sticking the campground laundry facilities but you never know what the future holds.


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