Anyone want to go fishing?

Fishing spot 

We cannot believe it’s almost May! Last night we were lucky to have missed a bad storm—pouring down rain and winds up to fifty miles per hour!! We really don’t want to know what it feels like to be in a 5th wheel with strong winds and are grateful we didn’t have to experience that. We have been in twenty-five miles per hour winds that caused our RV to shake. The things you don’t think about before you go on the road!

The boat 

Brad and I were invited to go on a fishing tour with our family that lives in the area. As an adult, he had been fishing a couple times, but not me. I went once with my uncle and dad while on vacation and that lasted about two minutes. I kid you not. (I wonder if they remember it like I do). I don’t eat fish (or meat for that matter), but I thought the fishing tour would be something new to do. Since, I’d prefer people eat fish that they catch rather than fish from the grocery store that gets them from a factory fish farm, we went tour fishing.

One of the many views from the boat 

It was a cloudy day with a little chill in the air. We met Brad’s aunt, uncle, and another couple at a marina along the May River in Bluffton, SC. We were all looking for the owner, Chris of May River Excursions, to drive up in a truck with the boat behind, but he pulled up in the boat . . . already in the water. Talk about a fun mode of transportation! We piled in.

There are lots of waterways, marshes, and sandbars in this area, most connected to the ocean. Waterfront homes with a dock line the shores as do stand alone docks. Cruising out to get bait first, we saw a bald eagle, several dolphins, and I saw live shrimp for the first time. I mean, don’t we normally see shrimp without heads and pink from being cooked? Shrimp are not the prettiest creatures and once we had enough for bait and for the others to take home for dinner, we headed off again.

Since he grew up in the area, Chris knows the waters very well and found a perfect fishing spot. Four of us fished at a time. At first, the only thing caught was seaweed. I got nervous. We had another three hours on the boat and it was going to be a long three hours if we all just stood there . . . not catching anything else. The ladies came up with a fishing dance and wouldn’t you know that it worked! We were catching fish one after another and ended up with eleven fish in all, a mix between red fish and trout. The red fish was actually really pretty with shiny, colorful scales. I didn’t catch any. I was there more for support than to actually fish.

The group 


Brad working on his fishing skills 

Once we got back to the dock, Chris took the fish and started filleting them right there on the dock! Another new experience for me. Not that I like seeing stuff like that, but I was kind of intrigued by the whole situation. Brad declined taking any fish or shrimp home, opting to go to his aunt and uncle’s for a fish dinner.

All the fish



Chris filleting the fish 

I don’t think I will go fishing again unless I can take a book and relax, but it was a new and different adventure. Thanks to Nancy and Paul for the invite and thanks to Chris for a great experience!
Till next time!

4 thoughts on “Anyone want to go fishing?

  1. I went fishing somewhat more than you Jen.
    As a young girl when on vacation we all went
    Fishing. I wouldn’t put the worn on it take the
    Fish off but had fun anyways! When you were
    Younger we went fishing , we had a small boat
    And fish from the boat. None of our daughter
    Like fishing. Sounds like the boat ride would be
    Hope Brad enjoys his fish!
    Be safe and well!
    Love ❤️❤️M

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