Change of Plans



Life is full of surprises. We are living life, going down a path and then bam, game change! That’s what happened to us this week.

Brad’s in-home sales job was going fine, but it wasn’t progressing like we planned. He decided to look online to see if any local Lexus dealerships were looking for help. An hour away, the Savannah dealership was looking and he went in for an interview. It went better than expected and he was asked to be in the Internet department and help that department get up and running more efficiently.

MM quoteNeedless to say, we are unsure of how long we are staying in Georgia. What we do know is that we are going with the flow and embracing all that this adventure is bringing us. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. The universe works in mysterious and amazing ways and if it wasn’t for Brad’s prior Lexus experience, us just happening to be by Georgia, Brad looking online, and the particular dealership looking for Internet experience, we wouldn’t have been blessed with this opportunity.
I’ll still be working on this blog and making it better. I have some great ideas for it and I’m excited to get started on a few new projects. I am also working on my photography business and am lucky to have found a local print shop that will print and ship the photos in my new Etsy shop. Check it out at

What exciting activities did we do besides working and campground searching?

I have never been to a drive-in theater and it’s been on my bucket list for a while. When we were in Lake George we found a drive-in, but it had closed down for the season the week before! While driving down the road one afternoon, we came across Hwy 21 Drive-in. They are opened on the weekends and we checked it out Friday night. Two double features were showing—The Good Dinosaur and The Peanut Movie; The Mockingjay Part 2 and Spectre. Being kids at heart, we wanted to see the cartons. That was a fail! Those movies were not playing due to technical error. We changed plans and went on Sunday night, which was a success!


HH-beach (1 of 1)-2The day before Brad started work we headed over to Hilton Head for the morning and then went to see family in Bluffton afterwards. The main road getting to Hilton Head was not an interstate road but a highway with lots of stoplights. There were clusters of shops in Bluffton and then again on Hilton Head Island—restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping. Finding parking was easy as we found a large parking lot at the Coligny Beach Park that was mostly empty. The ocean tide was high as we walked on the beach and we saw a pelican drive into the ocean to catch a fish. The beach was busy with kids’ wakeboarding, other walkers, bike riders, and kids flying kites. Brad and I couldn’t remember the last time we flew a kite so I said we should add flying a kite on the beach to the bucket list. We enjoyed lunch outside at Big Bamboo Café (vegan veggie burger with a gluten free bun!!) and went on our last quick walk on the beach. In just an hours’ time, the tide was low and more seashell and crab shells were seen.


We are not sure what our plans are as we are getting into a schedule with Brad working, but I know we are going to decorate for Christmas. The great thing is he always has the same two days off every week so it makes planning so much easier.

Till then!

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