IMG_7118After spending a few days in New Mexico, we headed off to Arizona. While I was a nurse in Seattle, I took care of a sweet girl and I am still in contact with the family. They moved to Phoenix two years ago and we were going to stay with them for a week. Originally, we were going to take two days to drive there but decided last minute to extend our driving time by 3 hours so we could make it there in one day.

Once we made that decision, the weather decided to play tricks on us. We saw signs on the highway indicating that high winds and low visibility could occur at any time. We didn’t have any visibility issues but we did have high winds. At one point, we got off the highway just to relax for a few minutes because the winds were so bad. We were feeling very lucky to have the dually truck as we drove through those winds. As we were driving, we could see the dessert wind twisting up, collecting dirt along the way, and looking like a small, thin, tornado. The wind blew across the highway in front of us and tumbleweed followed. It was cool to see and at the same time a little freaky.

Dust storm warning seen while driving 

We were happy to get to our friend’s house by late afternoon and parked our 5th wheel in their driveway. We plugged in just to keep the fridge running and stayed at their house for a week. It was wonderful to catch up and see my old nursing patient, as it had been over a year since I had seen her and her family. We took it easy, relaxing, swimming in their pool, and looking for a place to stay.

We are going to stay awhile in Arizona and we were having a hard time finding a place in the Phoenix area because most of the campgrounds have age restrictions (55 and older). After calling and visiting multiple campgrounds, we found one that would accommodate us. It is a 55 and older community but has an 80/20 rule . . . 20 percent of the population can be younger than 55. Since it is off-season, we were able to stay.

One of the pools at the resort 

It is not really a campground but a resort—four pools, several hot tubs, a billiard room, a fitness center, a stained glass room, pickle ball and tennis courts, bocce ball courts, and daily activities such a card games, line dancing, pool volleyball, and movie night . . . just to name a few amenities! Like so many resorts in this area, mobile homes and RV spots are mixed in together. It is defiantly the nicest place we have stayed and the people we have met here are very friendly. There are 2,000 spots at the resort and right now only about a 100 people are living here. During peak season (January through April) there are almost 4,000 people!

There are lakes in Arizona! 

We are not sure how long we will be in Arizona, but we will keep you all posted. There is a lot to do in this area, with the top choice being going to the Grand Canyon. It is hot here so we are working on staying cool and being indoors. I don’t know if I will be posting every week. It just depends on what activities we do. Send us a note to say “hi.”

Driving view 

I will post pictures on Facebook and Instagram as we explore the area so make sure you follow us on social media.

Till then!

8 thoughts on “Arizona

  1. Wow you’ve certainly come a long way and been having all kinds of adventures!! And seeing SO much of our beautiful country! Hope you enjoy Arizona, the Grand Canyon and amenities at your campground resort! Blessings, Roberta.

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