Day One 

Oh boy, Day One of our trip did not go as planned.

First off, we were behind on packing. We focused too much on selling our belongings and ran out of time packing up the small items. The day before we left we spent 6 hours packing and the next day almost 12.

Second, we didn’t organize enough with the slides out. When the slides are in, the space is very small and many drawers cannot be accessed. We organized during our two test runs and the two days before we left, but that wasn’t enough. We managed to get all our belongings into the RV, but it’s a mess in there.

Third, since we were behind on packing we got behind on leaving. Three hours behind. It would have been okay if we hadn’t hit traffic and then a wild brush fire. We were at a complete standstill for an hour. The positive of that was getting out of the truck to stretch our legs and meeting other RVers.

Fourth, it was another 90 degree day . . . with no breath of air. It has been a nontraditional hot summer in Washington and it sure wasn’t cooling down just because we were moving!

We learned that we have to go with the flow. That includes packing and being on the road. It got frustrating at times when we looked around the house and saw the work that still needed to be done, but we just kept at it.


We also learned to keep to our first road rule: do not drive in the dark. When it was getting dark and we still had another 3 hours to drive, we debated if we should just keep driving or just stop. I’m glad we stopped. And set up just in time.

On Day Two we caught up and got back on schedule.

Till next time!



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