Lakes and Land

Lake Tahoe

Hope everyone is having a great start to their new year as we have been taking advantage of living in such a diverse state. On weekends we are off exploring, going to the ocean, the forest and wine county and enjoying every minute.

Hiking around Lake Tahoe in the winter

One place we explored before and after we got to Cali was Lake Tahoe and Reno. On our way down from Idaho, we stopped in that area for a couple of days as a rest stop and in December we returned to celebrate Brad’s birthday, as it’s a quick 3 hour drive from us.

Lake Tahoe from above

Reno is nicknamed “The Biggest Little City in the World” as it’s a small but busy town known for casinos and tourism. Reno is settled in a valley in the high desert surrounded by various mountains ranges and wetlands. Less then an hours drive is Lake Tahoe, the largest freshwater alpine lake in North America and a world away from Reno.

Lake Tahoe on a stormy day

It was a completely different experience both times at Lake Tahoe, as the first time was stormy making the lake cloudy and dark and the second time was sunny and snow covered, making the lake clear and calm. Both times we went on small hikes and between both visits we completed the 72 mile drive around the lake. South Lake Tahoe has more tourism like big hotels and restaurants while the North side is less populated with many turnouts for views and walks.

In December the lake showed its true beauty and we saw what makes this lake so popular: the crystal clear water. The green/blue color of the water was beautiful and being surrounded by snow made the colors really pop. We took the long, scenic route home and it was beautiful with snow covered mountains and evergreens-highly recommend visiting this area in the winter.

New Hogan Lake

Another lake we checked out was New Hogan Lake, a small man made lake formed by a nearby dam. It’s a popular summer hang out with water activities, walking trails and a campground. It’s a quick drive from us but far enough away to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after visiting. The area we live in is built around different agricultural so once off the highway, farm after farm is seen. Different size trees and bushes fill the landscape , making Brad and I poorly guess as to what is growing. It would be great if the farms had signs! We pass too many farm stands to count knowing that in the summer trips will be made to check out the local goods.

Hiking at New Hogan Lake

A nice part of living in the area we are is there are opportunities for small day hikes. One afternoon we checked out Brushy Peak Regional Preserve, an old trading post area that become popular during the gold rush as a hideout for bandits. With all the rolling hills and tree groves it makes sense why this area was a hideout. There are multiple trails to take at this park winding though open fields, up hills, through oak groves and pass lots of wildlife. We were lucky enough to see a fox walking on the trail and it did not seem bothered by humans. The less popular animal seen here is cows, as a farm is nearby.

Brushy Peak

Lots of more blog posts and in the making so till next time! Thanks for reading!

Fox at Brushy Peak

10 thoughts on “Lakes and Land

  1. Lake Tahoe has been HIGH on our list for a long time but we still haven’t made it over there. I’m jealous you guys are relatively close and can experience it in different climates. That’s really awesome. Beautiful photos!


    1. Hopefully soon you can make it to Lake Tahoe as it’s beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing the lake in the winter and it was nice on the hiking trails because everyone else was skiing. Lol. It would be nice to see the lake in the summer and get out on it. Have you made any decisions about your travels?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! We are heading to Mardi Gras next week and then renting an Air BnB in Austin for 2 months. We just need a break from the RV. After that, we are Alaska bound!! Beyond that, we’ll see. We intend to head toward San Diego and assess our options once we get there. Are you gonna be sticking around CA for the rest of the year?


      2. Love your plan. Alaska sounds so amazing, that is definitely on the bucket list. Looking forward to reading about your travels! Yes, we will be in Cali for the remainder of the year


  2. Brad and Jen…Your amazing journey through life is inspiring! I’m loving your pics and reading your blogs! Hugs and Happy Trails to you till we meet again!


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