Back in Utah

April snow!!

We are back in Utah and it’s nice to be surrounded by familiar places and faces for the spring and summer months. We are not sure how long we will be here but we will be enjoying the sunshine and mountains in the meantime.  


M.C. Escher’s famous drawing hands

When we first got here in April it was chilly and rainy. We joined a gym and on the weekends enjoyed the free museums at BYU. They have an art, cultural, paleontology, and science museum all open to the public and all free, how nice is that? The art museum varies their exhibits every few months and we saw a Tiffany exhibit along with artwork from M.C. Escher



Big Springs hike


We got out hiking a few times once the weather started to warm up at the very end of April. Our first hike was at Big Springs Hollow, which we hiked last year, which is a trail by Sundance. It’s one of those trails that goes on and on forever as it connects with lots of other trails so there really isn’t a summit, just hiking through the forest. It was a good starting trail since hiking here is so much different due to the elevation. We are 4,000 feet above sea level and it does take your body awhile to adjust. We adjusted quicker than last year but it does still take time to get use to the thinner a

Big Springs hike


We also hiked the “Y”, which we hiked a couple of times last year. This hike it a butt-kicker!! The views aren’t great or anything as you do this hike for the workout. Starting elevation is 5,164 feet, gaining 1,102 feet in 1.1 miles. It’s steep and you feel great once you reach the top!

The went on a new and fun hike to natural hot springs that was on our list from last year.  The natural hot springs is a crazy busy hike and we went on our anniversary since it was mid-April (meaning it was a little chill out still) and during the week so it was less busy. We got up early and it was a little over 2 miles to hike to the hot springs and once there there is a stream from a waterfall and parts of it is heated. Some area are deep enough that you are shoulder deep in the water but most areas are shallow where you can sit and get your lower half wet. We played around in the hot spring for a while and once it started to get busy we left. If you are in the area it’s a great hike, something new and different. 

Hot springs












Another hike we went on that was on the list from last year was Squak Mountain. The parking lot for the trail was easy to find and we have been told that this is a great place to go to watch storms. If it’s your first time there, there is a paved trail road that went goes in two different directions but don’t worry, they lead to the same place, so pick either. You are on that for ½ mile and then you hit the real trail, which is 3.5 miles to the top the summit. We were deep in the woods the whole time and the trails continually changes which made the hike go by quickly. About a ½ mile from the top there was a hug field of flowers with views of the like in the background, it was so pretty! The summit was a pano view of the lake, the surrounding city, and the backside is views of the steep mountains. This was a good hike with nice views and is a great workout, would definitely recommend.

Summit view


We have more fun times to report from Utah but this is it for now. Till next time!

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