Viva Las Vegas

Inside of Sam’s Town

Brad and I have both been to Vegas before, just not for a week nor in a 5th wheel. We stayed in the East side of town, down the street from Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino. We were driving around one night and the question of “how did Vegas get established” came up. Here is what we found about this interesting town:

Back in the early 1900’s, Vegas was a deep rooted illegal gambling industry due to local business owners and the Mafia. The Hoover Dam started to be developed so casinos and showgirl theaters were developed to entertain the largely male dam construction workers. In 1931 gambling became legal due to the state realizing that they can make a profit from gambling. Casinos were then licensed on Fremont Street and this street became the first paved street in Vegas. And the rest is history._O2A9567


We spent some nights just walking around the Strip and Downtown Vegas, and for the first time saw the “Welcome to Vegas” sign. I have a good friend that now lives in Vegas so I got to visit her regularly and we all went to explore Red Rock Canyon one weekend day.

Red Rock Canyon



Red Rock Canyon is about 30 minutes outside of Vegas and it feels like you are in a different world. Towering red sandstones, mountain peaks, and it’s so quiet! 😉 It’s easy to navigate through the park, just follow the one-way 13 mile loop road that leads to a variety of hiking, biking, and rock climbing routes.

Red Rock Canyon

We had my friend’s two little ones with us so we hiked the Lost Creek Children’s Discovery Trail which is perfect for little kids. An easy 0.7 mile loop with no big elevation changes with lots of plants and wildlife for kids to look at. Ice Box Canyon was the second hike we choose and we made it halfway there as we wore out a toddler a mile in. 🙂 The hike is in a washout with a well defined path through rocks and bushes while being surrounded by mighty red sandstone.

Ice Box

This trip to Vegas featured a couple of new activities for us and it was great to see my friend. Will Vegas be a yearly stop for us? Maybe. With nice weather in March, lots of do, money to be won, and outdoor activities, it just might be. ‘Till next time! 

The gang plus our superhero Spiderman



4 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas

  1. We were just in Vegas, also. I loved Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire, and we went to Nelson, a little ghost town right outside of the city. We had a great time. I think we stayed in the same area–we were in the Thousand Trails Las Vegas and we visited Sam’s Town one of the evenings were there. I loved the history you gave of Vegas, too. It’s always nice to know how the area was established. Safe travels! Dawn

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    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for your comment. Love hearing about other’s travels. We went to Mesquite after Vegas and visited Valley of Fire then. Such an awesome place! Love the red rocks. Happy trails!

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