Our Hiatus

Mnt Nebo


Where we were staying in Utah County has an ordinance that an RV cannot be at a campground for longer than 120 days (excluding the winter months). At the 120-day mark, you must leave for 10 nights and then you can return. In June, our 120 days was up.


Box Canyon hike


We knew this was coming and it took awhile to find a campground in the area that could accommodate us. The new campground was thirty minutes south of where we were so it made for a fun commute for us. The interesting thing was that not even ten minutes after leaving the original campground, the scenery totally changed. It was no longer industrial parks and business buildings but farms, sprawling mountains, and wide-open land.



The hikes in Utah are all divided into canyons, depending on the location: Maple Canyon, Provo Canyon, Bell Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon, American Fork Canyon. You get the picture. Brad, once again, found a great hiking trail within Maple Canyon called Box Canyon (confusing, right?!) The trailhead is unmarked and kind of hidden and the trail winds through tall rock towers, past rock climbers, over boulders, and leads to a 50-foot tall waterfall. The trail is rocky, starts off wide and gets very narrow in some areas, and there are two parts where a rope is placed to help climb over the large boulders. No worries. It’s not as scary as it sounds.


Brad climbing the waterfall


Once we got to the waterfall, we saw a couple people climbing it. There is a rope next to the falls to maneuver your way up there so Brad and I gave it a try. Brad made it farther up than I did, but neither of us quite made it to the top. The rope was ice cold and the rocks were really slippery due to the small trickle of water from the falls.




After the hike we took a drive on the scenic Mount Nebo bypass, driving past evergreen and aspen forests, and rocky mountain vistas. We stopped at Devil’s Kitchen. With red rock pillars against the green foliage, it is somewhat like a miniature version of Bryce National Park. Past the red rocks was the open forest and Mount Nebo, the tallest mountain in the Wasatch Range standing at 11,933 feet.


Devil’s Kitchen


The best part of this little adventure? On the way back to Provo, I drove the truck with the 5th wheel attached (my first time)! And yes, I did great. No incidents. 😊


Happy trekking and till next time!


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