A month on the road!

We have officially been on the road for one month! To honor this occasion, Brad and I have written down the top 29 things we learned this past month.

*It’s ok not to unhook the 5th wheel from the truck when we stay at a place for one night. It makes leaving the next day super easy.

*Driving slow down steep grades keeps me from freaking out.

*We are ready to stay places longer then a week.

*Our 5th wheel is not designed for a quick turn around. It takes time to set up and reattached.

*It’s important to find truck stop for gas stops. We need a lot of room to maneuver the 5th wheel.

*Go to truck stops to add DEF (disel exhaust fluid) to the truck.

*On the DEF note, it gets used up quickly while towing. We have filled it up 3 times already.

*We do not make fast stops.

*Not to get frustrated by the little things.

*Seeing our families was great. Though it’s not so fun half living in their house and half living in our RV. The positive is that I got lots of extra steps in going back and forth between the two!

*While hooked up to 15 amps for electricity (a regular household plug), we can have the fridge on and use the toaster. Contrary to what Brad thought and freaked out the first time I told him I did that. Just as an FYI, we are normally hooked up to 50 amps.

*While driving on the highway, it sounds like a bug storm.

*It’s not easy to clean the bugs off the 5th wheel and it’s worth the extra money to take it Camping World for a good clean.

*Wi-fi connection and wi-fi speed are two different things.

*Amazon is wonderful to have to get quick deliveries when you realize you needed supplies yesterday.

*Be in the now.

*Do a little everyday and the big projects will get done. We are about 95% organized.

*There is nothing like not having space for CD’s to make you finally download them all to the computer.

*DVD’s are best stored in a DVD book while the cases get thrown away.

*Patience is a virtue.

*Books on tape are a must when driving.

*Local coffee shops are nice for wi-fi.

*Campground neighbors are helpful and friendly. They are willing to help whether it is with backing up, if you need supplies, or to make sure you have a nice view of the lake.

*Having sewer hook-up is a luxury.

*We like big campsites. It makes getting in and our easier.

*Bins help keep everything in place in the 5th wheel while driving.

*Cleaning up after every meal is a must. The space is small and gets cluttered easily.

*Label markers are our friends.

*During 20 mph winds, finding out that the 5th wheel will not tip over until the winds reach 65 mph.

2 thoughts on “A month on the road!

  1. Jennifer, am enjoying following your blog, and excited you and Brad are able to take this journey! What an experience of a lifetime! Thanks for letting me know, and keep on keeping on! Blessings, Roberta

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