Test Run

Brad and I brought our 5th wheel home this week and I was pretty nervous picking it up. The thought of driving up and down a windy mountain road with 6% grade changes made my heart start to beat really fast. And it did, the whole 45 minute drive but Brad did such an amazing job driving that I kinda wondered if he got some extra practice in somehow without my knowledge. 😉

It took us some time to park….an hour and a half but who was really keeping track of the time? The driveway and street are narrow and then the whole issue with cars in the street. Once we figured out that we just had to back in the 5th wheel in the opposite direction that we practiced earlier in the day with the RV sales guy, it was a piece of cake!

We took out the 5th wheel over the weekend for one night for our first test run. I have never been camping so I kinda counted this as my first time camping too. LOL! The campground we choose was in the next town over so we were close enough if we needed to go home for anything we could (and we did) but also it gave us a chance to practice how to set up the 5th wheel.

Here we are all set up!


Overall, we did good. We started to clean, take measurements, and temporarily decide where items will go. A few things that we learned:

* lego leveling blocks work best when they are set up as a step instead of just using one. The weight of the 5th wheel kinda crushed the lego.

* x-chock wheel stabilizers do what they are suppose to do-stablize the wheels.

* talking loud is not an effective way to communicate when Brad is backing up or trying not to hit something. Walkie talkies are totally on the next Amazon order!

* having a bathroom in the 5th wheel is great. It will be better once we go to a campground that has sewer hook-up and when we do not need the trailer to sit for 2 weeks in a driveway after this test run because then we can actually USE the bathroom.

I think the funnest part of the trip was when it was time for bed. Part of the bed is on a slide so that means that from about the waist up, we are in mid-air (relativity speaking). I laid in bed for a few minutes and then told Brad that I was kinda creeped out and worried about falling. So, we did what any normal person would do. We flipped so our feet were in mid-air. 🙂

Our next big adventure is in two weeks. This time we are going right outside Portland, OR. This second test run will be a longer drive time and we will be staying two nights at a campground. Till then!

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