Elk from when we visited Yellowstone 11 years ago Grand Teton National Park is what we call the forgotten park to Yellowstone National Park. Most people have never heard of the Tetons or they just drive through on their way to Yellowstone. The most common comment about Grand Teton is “wow, I never knew this … More Yellowstone

Year 4

Cannot believe it’s been four years since we started our RV trip. It seems like yesterday we made this crazy decision to live in an RV fulltime, giving it a year to see how was like it. 1,460 days, 85,000 miles, and 34 states later, we would say that this lifestyle suits us. This past … More Year 4

Area 307

Being in the mountains is our peaceful place. There are no words to describe how much the mountains move us, as we feel at home here and a sense of calm and peace fills us when we are surrounded by mountains. The endless hiking trails, the wildlife and the changing scenery makes us happy to … More Area 307

1,000 Miles

Last year for part of the summer we worked at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and this year we decided to spend the whole summer there. We needed to be in the Tetons by mid-May and choose to take our time making our way north. We left Mesa on the first of May to … More 1,000 Miles

A Pleasant Surprise

Hiking in the desert is normally like this: cactus, no shade, brown from the ground up, dirt hills and more cactus. Brad is really good at finding hikes and found a couple of hiking spots that offered views of a lake (yes, there is water in the desert), colorful flowers and real mountains views, not … More A Pleasant Surprise

State 48

Hello everyone! We (really Jennifer) got a bit behind on blog posts so we (both of us, really) apologize. Hopefully everyone follows us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as I (Jennifer again 🤪) post more frequently there. It is now the last day of April and we are wrapping up our time in the Phoenix … More State 48

Many Firsts

Agh, we almost catch up with the blog to fall behind. So sorry fans! This is the last post about the Grand Tetons (we left there in September, yikes!) so here is goes….. We had so many great experiences at Grand Teton and most were a first for us. This was our first time work … More Many Firsts

Live and Love Life

  Life is too short. We hear it all the time but do we really listen to the message behind the words? I don’t think we do because if we did, people would be living happier lives.There would be less complaining and more praise, acceptance and gratefulness; people would completely forgive others (and themselves) and … More Live and Love Life

Being a work camper

Since our last blog post we have been asked what’s it like being a work camper. I (Jennifer) worked at the largest campground within Grand Teton National Park so this was our life during those two months: *Amazing mountain views…. everyday *Endless hiking trails *Endless sightseeing *Wildlife, everywhere! Bears, foxes, elk, moose, bison, pica, wolves, … More Being a work camper