To get away from the 110 degree summer day, Brad and I took a day trip to Flagstaff. We heard that is was at least 30 degrees cooler there and we needed to get out of the heat. We learned that an RV air conditioner will only cool the RV 20 degrees less than the … More Flagstaff


After spending a few days in New Mexico, we headed off to Arizona. While I was a nurse in Seattle, I took care of a sweet girl and I am still in contact with the family. They moved to Phoenix two years ago and we were going to stay with them for a week. Originally, … More Arizona

White Sands

  We are finally in a new state, New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment! It feels good to be out of the land of rain and thunderstorms. We do plan to go back to Texas one day to go to Big Bend National Park, but we both agreed we can wait awhile to … More White Sands

More Texas

Did you know springtime in Texas is known for its thunderstorms? Yeah, neither did we. The last week in May is when we set off to go to New Mexico, a new state for both of us. But Texas decided to give us a fun good-bye by having a major thunderstorm. The night before we … More More Texas


  We are roaming around in Texas! This is my first time in this state and everything really is bigger in Texas. 😉 When we crossed the Texas border we saw lots of oil manufacturing and the land is pretty flat. Our first stop was Willis, which is about forty-five miles north of Houston. We … More Texas


Brad and I just celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary. It seems crazy that we have been married for eleven years since it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed between when we first met and said “I do.” Here we are, eleven years into our marriage, living in the smallest space yet, traveling around … More Zip-lining