That’s how many days we have been living on the road: 2,190. We had no idea when we started this journey six years would pass in the blink of an eye and that we would still be loving the RV lifestyle. There are times when living on the road is tough: not seeing loved ones … More 2190

Death Valley and more

There is just something about Death Valley National Park that just draws us. The colors, the unique features, the ever changing landscape. Being the largest national park in the continental US, Death Valley offers something for everyone. Multiple sand dunes, scenic drives, hiking, canyons, sliding rocks and noteworthy features like Badwater Basin, the lowest point … More Death Valley and more


Yosemite is an icon and one cannot think of the national park system without thinking of this park. Yosemite was photographer Ansel Adams’ inspiration and one of his most famous photographs was of Yosemite Valley. Filled with waterfalls, towering cliffs and sequoias, one can understand why this is a special park. Yosemite is most known … More Yosemite

The Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is a 400 mile long, 70 mile wide mountain range that lies mostly in California with a small portion in Nevada. Home to Mount Whitney (the tallest mountain in the lower 48, standing at 14,505 feet), Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sequoia and King Canyon National Park, it’s really an impressive mountain range! Not … More The Sierra Nevada


1,825 days 43,800 hours 2,628,000 minutes 157,680,000 seconds equals 5 years Every time we write the once a year blog post on the day we left for our RV adventure, we are always in shock. How can time have moved that quickly? It feels like yesterday we just started planning, had the house emptied of … More Nomad-iversery

The City

This blog post is dedicated to the two inquisitive young kids we love that may one day build a bridge or building that we can marvel at What is it about bridges that makes them so fascinating? Maybe it’s the unique and different designs, the fact that they connect two areas together so we can … More The City

Sailing Stones

Years ago I remember seeing an awesome photo of rolling dirt hills and in the center was a stone sitting on patterned sand and behind the stone was a smooth trail. The photo was featured in an article about how these stones move, leaving a trail behind them and scientist where unclear on how that … More Sailing Stones

City of Angels

View from hike Surprise visits are fun and when they involve family and the nieces and nephew, it’s one the best type of visits! My (Jennifer) older sister called and said for Christmas (I know, is now March and I’m just writing this) they were surprising the kids with a trip to LA and wanted … More City of Angels