1,825 days 43,800 hours 2,628,000 minutes 157,680,000 seconds equals 5 years Every time we write the once a year blog post on the day we left for our RV adventure, we are always in shock. How can time have moved that quickly? It feels like yesterday we just started planning, had the house emptied of … More Nomad-iversery

The City

This blog post is dedicated to the two inquisitive young kids we love that may one day build a bridge or building that we can marvel at What is it about bridges that makes them so fascinating? Maybe it’s the unique and different designs, the fact that they connect two areas together so we can … More The City

Sailing Stones

Years ago I remember seeing an awesome photo of rolling dirt hills and in the center was a stone sitting on patterned sand and behind the stone was a smooth trail. The photo was featured in an article about how these stones move, leaving a trail behind them and scientist where unclear on how that … More Sailing Stones

City of Angels

View from hike Surprise visits are fun and when they involve family and the nieces and nephew, it’s one the best type of visits! My (Jennifer) older sister called and said for Christmas (I know, is now March and I’m just writing this) they were surprising the kids with a trip to LA and wanted … More City of Angels

Lakes and Land

Hope everyone is having a great start to their new year as we have been taking advantage of living in such a diverse state. On weekends we are off exploring, going to the ocean, the forest and wine county and enjoying every minute. One place we explored before and after we got to Cali was … More Lakes and Land

New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Everyday is a day filled with new starts and new opportunities but there is something about the new year that makes the fresh starts more exciting. Like these 365 days are blank pages in our life book for us to fill. We are going to be filling up our book with … More New Year

The horrible, the adventurous, the new, and the favorite

We are posting this blog as we are leaving Grand Teton. We have been here since May and it’s a bittersweet moment because we love this area along with all the adventures we had this season and we leave knowing that we do not feel complete here and want to return…..someday. But we are ready … More The horrible, the adventurous, the new, and the favorite


Brad and I don’t usually like the super popular tourist attractions when visiting a a new place. Not that we haven’t been to popular areas, like hiking Angel’s Landing at Zion or seeing the sunrise at Mesa Arch at Canyonlands but we rather see the less traveled areas as those areas are not only less … More Popular


Elk from when we visited Yellowstone 11 years ago Grand Teton National Park is what we call the forgotten park to Yellowstone National Park. Most people have never heard of the Tetons or they just drive through on their way to Yellowstone. The most common comment about Grand Teton is “wow, I never knew this … More Yellowstone