Half a Year

Has it really been six months since we left Seattle? It feels like yesterday we were talking about taking this trip and now here we are six months into it. Time does go by quickly when you are out having fun! The RV lifestyle has given us the opportunity to visit places we normally wouldn’t … More Half a Year

Is That A Moose?

Driving the East Coast is much different from driving in the Pacific Northwest. States are close together and the towns are older and historical. Driving from New York, we passed through Vermont and continued to see the mountains along with wild turkeys walking the streets. Crossing into New Hampshire, we saw the colonial town of … More Is That A Moose?


One of the many reasons we started this trip was to see more of our family and friends. In Michigan, we saw friends we hadn’t t seen in three years and in New York, we had lunch with another friend and his family we hadn’t seen in ten years. It’s scary that the older we … More Jinxes