Live and Love Life


Life is too short. We hear it all the time but do we really listen to the message behind the words? I don’t think we do because if we did, people would be living happier lives.There would be less complaining and more praise, acceptance and gratefulness; people wouldimg_6743 completely forgive others (and themselves) and not live in the past; people would accept others (and themselves) as they are, faults and all; people wouldn’t put off doing something or going after their dream; there wouldn’t be “someday” but today, right now; we would truly be happy with yourselves and for others and their success; we would be kind to others, no matter their skin color, where they live, or their beliefs.



Brad and I have had people criticize our lifestyle. Saying we are too young to be full time Rv’ers, telling us we need to have roots and a real house, that we have abandoned our families, and that we need to have kids.



To them I say, you live your life your way and I’ll live mine my way. People wanting different things makes the world go around. Could you image a world were we all thought the same and wanted the same things? How boring would that be! Life is too short to be focused on the end, which for most people is retirement. They work and work  img_6739thinking they will relax when they retire and guess what happens. They don’t make it to retirement age and end up wasting away in an unhappy life. They make it to retirement and their health is poor so they cannot enjoy the retirement they thought they would have. Or they are just unhappy in general because their life isn’t what they thought it would be.





Life is too short…….. To be unhappy. To not live your best right now. To not follow your dreams. To not do what makes you happy. To hold onto the past and anger. To not love yourself and others. Excuses are just that, excuses. If you want to move, move. If you hate your job, get a new job. If you are in a bad marriage, get out of it. If you want to lose weight, eat right and exercise. The excuses you make are out of fear.


Meaning you don’t want it bad enough, that you are ok with living an unfulfilled life, that you are ok with not living your best life, that you are too afraid of living to really live.



Everyday I’m grateful for all the experiences Brad and I have had. Our marriage has had a lot of struggles that would have had others quit and get divorced. But without those struggles, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Loving each other and being with each other on this adventurous life. The life we want. The life we enjoy and want to keep on living.img_6733


We still struggle because social media only shows the good stuff going on. It doesn’t show the extra hours of work to nearly pay the bills, the days where I have to fight my depression, the days where we don’t see each other except at bedtime, or the many family and friend moments we wish we could have seen.

I don’t know what the future holds. Some days I want to focus on photography. Other days the blog. Some days I want to explore and hike. Other days I just want to curl up with a book and eat chocolate. But I know that right now, Brad and I are paving the way for a fun future of travel, adventures, and laughter.


It’s the start of a new year and this is when many people make resolutions so what are you going to do this year to make it epic? To say that you really lived? To say you gave it your all? Everyday you have a choice to make your life what you want. If your day goes bad, know that tomorrow is a new day to start over. Every day, every moment, you can start over, living the life you want. May the new year bring you much happiness, love, and everything in between.



4 thoughts on “Live and Love Life

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Jennifer — including all of the quotes that you inserted. Even for those who don’t have a wide range of freedom to make drastic changes in their lifestyle, the best advice you give is start each day with being GRATEFUL and to build on that. When I had some very real boundaries earlier in life that prevented me from making some really drastic changes, I always had flexibility to within that to do exactly what made me happy. Also, you point out that everyone has struggles, but the important thing is to use those experiences as an opportunity to grow and and to take great satisfaction in finding solutions and discovering new paths that you otherwise not have been able to do.

    Good for you and Brad for finding your lifestyle, your happiness, and sticking to it!


    1. Thanks Nancy!! We couldn’t agree with you more about being grateful everyday, for all the big and little things. Being grateful, having faith, and doing what makes you happy is so important. It’s your life so you live it how you want to live it. No one has perfect days but it’s what you learn from that imperfect day and how you react to it that really counts. Love you and your insight! Xo


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