Picture Perfect


Since we got to the Savannah area, I have been on a mission: to take a picture of the large oak trees with Spanish moss lining a road. One would think this would be easy as so many brochures and pictures on-line show that view, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s because no one says where this place is! After months of searching, I found the place! Actually, I cannot take credit for finding it because a native Savannahian told me about it, but I can take credit for going there and taking pictures.

I want others to be able to go to Savannah to get that picturesque photo and the place to do that is at Wormsloe Historic Site. The funny thing is Brad and I were right by this plantation earlier this year when we went to Skidway Island State Park. Wormsloe Plantation is listed on all the signs leading up to Skidaway, but we never thought to check it out. Note to self: be more observant when looking at signs. You might find the place you have been looking for.

Wormsloe Historic Site is right in Savannah and after entering the large gates, you see that great view! The parking lot is small and fills up quickly. It was a bit tricky to pull out with a big dually truck, but it was done. This historic site has a museum, a short film about the site, nature trails, and ruins of the old buildings. It’s mostly known for the mile and a half drive down the avenue surrounded by large oak trees. In 1736, this land was leased to Noble Jones, one of the first settlers of the area, and he began construction on his house three years later. The house was constructed with wood and tabby, a concrete made with oyster shells and lime. It was popular during that time to use tabby, but it was a very labor intense process. If you remember, I first saw tabby at the ruins at Sea Pines while walking there with Brad’s aunt and friends.

I am so happy to have found this place and I am excited for how my photos turned out. There is an admission fee but if you are in the Savannah area, I would defiantly recommend going to Wormsloe. I would say take lots of film, but that really doesn’t apply to the digital world we now live in. I plan to return to Wormsloe after spring has sprung more tree foliage.
Off to explore some more!
Till then!

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